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Post COVID-19 Refrigeration Issues

Preventative measures to keep business flowing.

KRS Post COVID Guidelines for Refrigeration

With lockdown easing recently, more and more places of work that rely on Refrigeration systems are finding where they have been sat dormant over the past weeks, they are no longer are working as efficiently as required. With dust building up within the Condensing unit of the system this will make it less efficient, a simple build up of dust which would seem a tiny issue can actually increase the temperature of the fridge by 2 degrees. Yes in the grand scheme of things this is minor and would not seem like a problem, however that marginal change will actually increase the load on the machine from 20-40% depending on the level of dust and dirt. Not only will this cost you more on the electricity and time, but it will also put the system under more load, putting the chances of an expensive failure at an all time high. As COVID has already put such a pause on most business progression, we can only recommend that you get the refrigeration systems serviced to prevent as many breakdowns as possible. This saves money and also reduces the pause in work whilst the system is down. With our engineers ready and waiting, get in touch today to book a Post COVID service. or Call Us On 01233 801636

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